Marriage Tip #1 – Go to God First

I can’t tell you how many arguments Eric & I didn’t have because I went to God first. Also I can assure you that the ones we did have was when I didn’t go to God. It’s quite simple really, God is so much smarter that we are & has a much better perspective on things so why not get his advice first. I have gone to God when I am angry, when I am sad, when I am hurt & even when I need some inspiration or creativity to make Eric feel more loved. For me God is definitely the source of our marriage & my love for Eric. I would have completely wrecked things by now if I didn’t go to God – and I go often. Some women seem to be such perfect wives & I am happy for them, but as for me… well I just keep going to God ha ha. For me it’s as Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Don’t you love Eric’s big smile in our wedding photo above? Even Gary Clark (in the background) had a nice cheesy grin… do you want to know why?

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  • jojo says:

    yes please tell us why……:)

    i agree with u there!!! I screw up so often in our marriage, trying to get my point accross and not understanding how he just cant get it which turns into an argument and i say things i dont mean out of frustration and hurt. sometimes I say things i do mean but they come out in a angry or condescending manner.I am left feeling hurt and cross with myself and i can bet that Matt isnt feeling very alive or loved…..!!!
    However when i go to God about our situation u can guarentee He sorts it and shows me how to love Matt and guides me into how i should speak to Matt. God always softens our hearts and allows us to be open to what each other are saying and we react totally different – the way we should react ha ha
    I have the best marriage guidance counciller going and its totally free hee hee
    So know that none of us are perfect but with God as The Rock, you are on your way to a much blessed and fullfilled Marriage.

  • onmymind82 says:

    Hoe gaan dit? Thanks for sharing, hey! I am newly engaged and Chris and I thirst for ways to build a strong foundation in our impending married life with God as the absolute center. I enjoy your teaching and your sharing. God bless.

  • Angela says:

    Ha Ha thanks for asking why Jo 🙂 We had just had our first kiss as a married couple and the photographer who you see on the left asked us to do it again for another photo! I got all shy & couldn't do it & everyone was laughing at me… was funny but we did have a second first kiss & we have a lovely photo of it!

  • Angela says:

    Goed dankie 🙂 I am so pleased you find this post helpful, may God richly bless you and Chris.