Eric’s message today was fantastic! Over the next 4 weeks he is exploring how we can build a deeper relationship with God through our relationship with Church, The Word, Prayer & Worship. Today he spoke about our relationship with Church & identified 3 groups of people: 1) people who believe in the vision enough to benefit from it, 2) people who believe in the vision enough to contribute comfortably, & 3) people believe in the vision enough to give their lives to it. It was a powerful word that really spoke to me & I am determined more than ever to make sure I remain in the third category of people. If the Church was so important that Jesus died for her then surely we should make Church one of the top priorities in our life. Most of all, why wouldn’t I want to be planted in the House of God? He promised that if I am my life will flourish, and who doesn’t want a flourishing life 🙂 So here’s to a great new year & to a flourishing life… *cling* xxx

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