Hope’s Journey – Update

I am very surprise at how well the PDF’s of Hope’s Journey are selling, thank you very much everyone for your support, I have also released a Kindle/eBook version at Amazon.  At the same time though I have had at least one third of my readers unsubscribe from my blog this week, I guess the route I am going is not for everyone.  I will do my best to not only post Hope’s Journey snippets but to include current news and random things too, so if Hope’s Journey is not for you just ignore those posts and continue reading the others, if there is anything in particular you like to hear about please tell me and I will write along those lines too πŸ™‚  A snippet of Chapter Two will be posted on Saturday.  Have a beautiful day today.  Love Angela xxx

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  • Cheryn says:

    Perhaps some people expected you to be perfect from the day you were born, not one of us is perfect, and most of us are not brave enough to share experiences we'd rather sweep under the carpet and forget about – I appreciate the fact that you're a normal person who had normal every day struggles and challenges like everyone else, but don't let people unsubsribing hinder you, you can't please everyone at the end of the day, your intentions are pure and even if you save just one soul by sharing your experiences, it will be well worth it xxx

  • I couldn't agree more Cheryn, and since I posted this update the subscriptions have doubled! So at least I know now that the people that are reading my blog want to read about what I am currently writing about πŸ™‚