Hope’s Journey

“There was a time when all I wanted was to die but now that I have tasted life I really don’t want to die until I have truly lived!” Hope’s Journey is a heart wrenching account of Angela’s struggle with depression and suicide.  

“This book is helpful for people that are going through tough times as well for those who are trying to support them. It gives valuable insight into the feelings experienced in the midst of the situations as well as the tools Angela used to find her way through them. The tools are useful for anyone trying to find hope in dark situations, whatever they may be, and are helpful for leading a stronger, more balanced life.” Ali Kirkwood 

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Eat, Sleep & Exercise
Have a Checkup
First Things First
Make Hope
Make List
Tell Someone
Choose Your Friends
Understand Hormones
Highs and Lows
Make up Your Mind
Spiritual Matters
Learn to Laugh
Cry Out To God
Helping Someone
Warning Signs
Find Your Purpose

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  • Anonymous says:

    My past isn’t as bad as yours but I’m still not really over it, just not sure I can jump the last hurdle. Umm at the age of 14 I was raped on more than one occasion. I was then also followed, stalked, and beaten up for 4 years by the same guy. He got three months community service for what he did. A few years on I fell in love with a guy. After 6 months of trying to trust him and after being together for 15 months, he died of leukaemia. After years of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, homelessness and meaningless accounts of sex to show it meant nothing to me anymore, I went on anti-depressants and went to see counsellors after counsellors. Yet I still find it hard to wake up and want to be here.

    It would be great to have someone who has been through similar situations to talk to and I’m really enjoying reading this book as I felt so alone and like I was the only one.

    I look at you and you seem so strong and I honestly can’t believe that you have been through all of this.

    You inspire me

  • Anonymous, we have chatted, and I am very grateful to you for being brave enough to share your story like this. Thank you! You know now that you are not alone don't you 🙂 and we will hopefully get to chat regularly.


  • kirkwoodali says:

    This book is helpful for people that are going through tough times as well for those who are trying to support them. It gives valuable insight into the feelings experienced in the midst of the situations as well as the tools Angela used to find her way through them. The tools are useful for anyone trying to find hope in dark situations, whatever they may be, and are helpful for leading a stronger, more balanced life.

  • Eric says:

    This book will either save your life or help you save someone else's. A true masterpiece full of insight and extremely practical suggestions. ‘Find Your Purpose’ is definitely my favourite chapter full of life changing timeless truth. Highly recommended!!!

  • Jordie says:

    This book is truly an inspiration to those who are struggling with the pressure of life and those who wish to change their lives.

    I love the fact Angela speaks so openly and honestly, she makes her story really easy to read and relate to, it makes the reader feel more comfortable with the idea that people struggle and possibly more open to talk about their problems.
    She's a real help! 🙂

    Love Ewen & Jordan

  • Lorah Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book 🙂 I like the way it was written, it was just as if I was talking to Angela myself. I cant wait to read the next book in the series xx

  • Shelby Z says:

    This book is so tough to read and I am sure it was even harder for you to write this.
    Your using your own story to share and help others as they may be going or have gone through.
    It is so deep and strong.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Good work at portraying your story to the reader.
    Best wishes.

    Shelby Z./Driving Winds

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for your feedback Shelby.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I am praying for you and trusting God for a significant breakthrough in your life. You are very precious to God. x

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for your feedback Ali, I do hope that this books helps other find hope too. x

  • Angela says:

    Thank you so much for your support.

  • Angela says:

    It's great to hear from teenagers and get your perspective 🙂 I am so pleased you found the book helpful xxx

  • Angela says:

    Thank you Lorah, I am truly grateful for your support. x

  • Faith Rose says:

    Dear Angela,

    Thank you for sharing your journey, your story, your pain. After readng your first two chapters, I knew this would be a necessary, life-changing read. You have written this story from such a personal vantage point, as you have shared some very desperate times. Suicide is such a heartwrenching tragedy in families; I sincerely applaud you for allowing us to see your life and your deepest pain. Wishing you every success with this piece, believing it will touch (and change) many hearts.

    All the very best,
    Faith Rose
    Now To Him

  • Angela says:

    Thank you Faith, it's wonderful to hear such good feeback. xxx

  • Kerrie Price says:

    Hi Angela, full credit for your courage in telling your story so that it can give help and hope to others who have struggled with similar abuses. Your writing is clear and easy to read, with lots of very practical and useful advice.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you so much for your feedback Kerrie, it's great to hear from you x

  • Fatema says:

    A lot happening, you quooted everythinh in detail.
    Oh from childhood to teenage and boyfriend. Rumous, divorce, shock and miracle. You had hope. well done.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for your comment Fatema. xxx

  • Hi Angela,
    Here’s a CCRG review.

    You are one of the bravest and most trusting women I have met. (Well I haven’t really met you, but I feel like I know you after reading a couple of your books)

    Your story is quite remarkable and truthfully, hard to imagine. It is honest and raw in its telling, yet so encouraging. I’m so glad you have come through the dark days and I hope they stay away.

    You have found what works for you, and you are sure enough and kind enough to share your secret with others – that being a close relationship with Jesus, getting rest, exercising, eating right, journaling your good days and bad days. Your discipline serve you well when faced with a medical crisis. And you came through with a positive, grateful attitude.

    It is obvious God is allowing you to use your early choices and troubles as teaching tool for other girls. I know your story has spoken to me.

    I only had one question. When the doctor found the cyst, were you pregnant? Unless it's in chapter five (I read through chapter four) I missed it, you didn’t tell what happened with that pregnancy.

    Angela, thank you for telling your story and bringing hope and direction to all those who read your book. Highly starred!

    Dianna Lanser
    Nothing But The Blood

  • Angela says:

    Hi Dianna,

    Thank you so much for such a thorough review. With regards to your questions, I was not pregnant when I had the cyst, my first baby was born and is now 20 years old and serving God as our Creative Pastor at church.

    I am so grateful that you took the time to read my book and left such a great review, thank you.


  • Laura says:

    I seriously cannot stress how important these books are!

    In the middle of last year I found myself completely on the floor through a number of life happenings such as long term sickness and deaths of family members. One day I just woke up and did not know who I was anymore.

    Hopes journey completely turned my life around and I was able to move, chapter by chapter from the floor to a healthier new me. I am now reading secure on the rock and cannot even begin to tell you how much deeper this series will take you.

    Angels your books are incredible, they are inspiring and they are exactly what women need to see themselves as the glorious princesses they truly are.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless.

  • Thank you for your comment Laura, I am so pleased that you have found hope. May God richly bless your journey as you draw closer and closer to Him.