Happy Birthday Jordan

Today is my special baby girls 15th birthday! It strange saying 15 as she has seemed 13 since she was 9 and we spent all of 14 teasing her that she is 12 so 15 is quite a big deal for all of us – we finally have to accept that she really is growing up. I am so proud of you Jordan, despite all the tough things that life has thrown at you already, you have grown into a very sensitive, caring and lovely young woman. I am really impressed with your gift for writing and for the awesome songs you produce and I hope that you will continue to writing. Have a very happy birthday baby, I am excited to see all that your future holds for you. xxx

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  • Jane says:

    This may appear twice – but double the joy for you Jordan.
    A very very happy day indeed. A very special day for a very special gal!
    LOTS of love