2011 Highlights

After having a very long season of rest I am more than ready to get stuck into 2012.  2011 was wonderful, stressful and tiring.  Lessons were learnt, personal character was challenged and I found myself stretched in many ways.  King’s Daughters has grown from a blog into a Girl’s Night and then into a conference! Looking ahead I can see that there is much more to come and I am more prepared for and excited by the challenges than ever before.  I would love you and/or your church to join us on our King’s Daughters journey in 2012, we will be getting stuck into Being a Wife as well as much more. Why not start a Girl’s Night in your area too? Please contact me for more info about the study notes.  Here are some highlights from 2011:
Jan – The ‘Being a Woman’ journey began and resulted in a Being a Woman book
Feb – We started our Girl’s Night which has resulted in some beautiful friendships
Mar – My second book, Secure on the Rock, was released
Apr – The theme, beauty,  was announced for our King’s Daughters conference
May – We had our first Girl’s Night OUT which was loads of fun
Jun – We recorded our second album and released ‘Passion & Purity
Jul The Wheelie Case was launched and we all loved our ‘new’ clothes!
Aug – We released a sneak preview of our album which is free to download
Sep King’s Daughters Conference was launched, it was surreal!
Oct – The Money Matters series was launched and ‘Free‘ was released.
Nov – We released our second album, In the Stillness
Dec – I had a nice long rest with my wonderful family
Summing it up like that made me realise why I was so tired towards the end of this year!  2011 was a brilliant year though, wasn’t it?  Don’t forget to get connected on Facebook too.  Please share some of your highlights and how King’s Daughters has impacted your life this year. 

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