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Every morning my daughter, Lorah-Kelly, and I go for walk together around the lovely streets of Battledown.  It is very hilly so a great workout for us!  This morning however, we both overslept (yes we live in different houses) and so had to motivate ourselves to go for a walk.  To add some excitement to our routine we decided to walk on the lovely Leckhampton Hill! It was such a beautiful morning and the views were amazing.  I marveled over each wild flower and each tree.  I gasped at the butterflies that were out in full force and savoured the sounds of the chirping birds.  The more I encounter the awesome creation that we live in the more I love the God that made it.  It is very difficult not to love Him when I see all the beautiful things that He made for us to enjoy.  I honestly think it takes more faith not to believe in God that it does to believe in Him.  It would be the same as if you marveled at an amazing painting but denied that there was a painter.  I am always left breathless when I contemplate the complexities and beauty of nature.  Below are some shots of our morning walk which turned into an early lunch at Pittville Park too!  Enjoy.

Cheltenham from the top of Leckhampton Hill

I couldn’t decide which photo was best so added both

Oh and a photo through the wild grasses had to be included of course!

The trees in what I call the forest are simply gorgeous.

The big sky on this particular spot always gets me – it is soooo beautiful!

Wild flowers are in full bloom along with many butterflies, bees and other creepy things.

Lorah captured the old barn while I captured her capturing it.

A photo looking up at the huge tree does not do it justice but it is beautiful

Lorah capturing the park

The Central Cross Cafe in Pittville Park

The sun shining through the big tree

And here is Lorah’s post based on the very same morning 🙂

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