Conference Promotional Material

King’s Daughters exists to serve the body of Christ by serving women. Although we are in submission to our local church we don’t use this event to build our local church only but to serve all women in all local churches thereby building our church and your church too.

Expect your women to come back to church refreshed, inspired and ready to take action. Offer them opportunitiesĀ if they don’t already have a role, as they will want to become more active in their local church and community.

For your convenience, here are some promotional items that you can use in your church bulleting or online, simply click the pdf or jpg to download and use:


Black and White A5 print ready flyer: pdf flyer or png image
Light Colour A5 print ready flyer: pdf flyer or png image

Social Media Promotion

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Text Promotion Suggestions

We are going along to the King’s Daughters Conference, would you like to join us?

Join us at the King’s Daughters Conference for a day of socialising, preaching, worship, prayer and entertainment It’s a not to be missed day for all women both for a personal refreshing and refilling so we can put on our armour and get to work.  

Church, let’s all go to the King’s Daughters Conference together, get in touch if you would like to car share.

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