King’s Daughters Live Video

Welcome to a brand new section on my blog for video posts.  I am both nervous and excited about this as videos are a lot less safe that written posts.  Never-the-less, I will feel the fear and do it anyway in the hope that somehow this will further the kingdom.  Below is my very first video from a Girl’s Night that we held in Ross-on-Wye, UK last week.  Subscribe to King’s Daughters on our new Youtube page.  Before you watch, please don’t be too critical and have mercy on me as this is only a humble, small begining with lots of room for growth 🙂 

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  • cynthia says:

    wonderful message may many learn from it and accept Our Lord to be the centre of their life.
    God bless

  • Angela says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and wonderful support Cynthia. Lots of love xxx

  • wonderful message may many learn from it and accept Our Lord to be the centre of their life.
    God bless.

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment ciza x

  • Paula Hodges says:

    Hi Angela,This is a powerful, anointed message and God lead me here so I could hear it,to confirm from what He has set me free. And to remind me of more scriptures to back up His word to me. As for me, He tried to set me free a number of times,but I was terribly bound by fear,so my confession was of fear in most areas, instead of His word,always keeping me bound in many ways. I identified with you with most of the dirt you shared. You and I are not clones, by any means, but our pasts are so similar. I too was Bipolar. Because I confessed the fear of it, I almost lost my mind. I tried suicide a number of times. God healed me of the Bipolar in 2008. I was sexually abused while growing up also,though not by my father. I WAS promiscuous,always searching for approval. I was bound physically by many illnesses,despite the fact that God showed me how to speak the Word and have a positive confession in 2010,healing me just before I was taken by kidney failure. Just after this, He also set me free from slavery to cigarettes. Recently, He has been fulfilling Isaiah 58 in my life, having personally broken the bounds of wickedness,and the yokes that held me. Multiple illnesses and diseases fell away in an instant, after He coached me to order the demons out. Talk about going through the valley of the shadow of death. Yet, Jesus was with me. His hand guided me all the way. That God has turned us into butterflies is the truth of the matter, and "Whom the Son has set free is free indeed." I also want to thank you, as you have confirmed that because God has blessed me with writing ability,that I am to show the wonderful works of God in written form as well as shouting verbally about this. Like you, I have been transformed completely. I even have new organs. So, Angela, thanks again for your video as it has blessed me abundantly. Continue touching souls for the Kingdom, as you are doing, and celebrating being a King's daughter. Paula x

  • Angela says:

    I am so grateful to God for setting you free Paula, our God is awesome isn't He. Thank you for your encouragement and may He continue to bless you. You might find this video message helpful too